Untreated metal parts may have jagged edges that can pose a risk to a part's quality and safety. As metal parts are fabricated, they undergo a variety of metalworking processes that can introduce burrs. Deburring is the removal of slag or sharp edges (burrs) from sheet metal after being laser cut, punched, or machined. This metal finishing treatment is required for any precision forming or welding.


This metal finishing treatment enhances a part’s performance, improves part appearance, all while maintaining the parts’ shape without warping or distortion.

Prototek's Timesaver and Fladder machines are some of the fastest ways to deburr a part while maintaining edge and hole tolerances.


Deburring is a standard process. All produced parts will have slag and tabs removed, while more intensive deburring, such as 0.010" radius along edges may be required for tight-fitting moving pieces to an assembly.


  • 48" Fladder AUT Deburring Machine with Vaccuum Belt and Dust Collector
  • 37" Timesaver Sander (w/DC)
  • 42" SteelMaster Deburring and Graining Machine with Dust Collector
  • 39" Pro Steel SG1030-WJS with Dust Collector
  • 9" Timesaver Sander with Dust Collector
  • (4) 6" Beld Sanders
  • Strippit Tool Grinder
  • Rotary Tumbler
  • 8" x 79" Stroke Sander for Polishing Stainless
  • 24" Rapid Speed Tumbler